Stat 412/512

Regression in your field

Due noon Feb 27th on canvas

You may complete this assignment in pairs. One member should submit the .pdf report with both names on it. The other should not submit a .pdf, but just write the name of their partner in the text box submission field.

Find a journal article in your field of study (or a field of interest) that uses multiple linear regression to answer their question of interest.

Analysis of covariance, two-way analysis of variance and multi-way analysis of variance are all just special cases of multiple regression, so they might be useful search terms as well.

If the article addresses multiple questions, or uses many regression models, just pick one to focus on.

Write a one page report that includes:

  • a citation to the article
  • a brief summary of the background of the problem and their question of interest
  • a full specification of their regression model (i.e. full β form) defining all the variables included
  • a statement about how their question of interest translates into questions about parameters in their regression model
  • a summary of the results they report